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- Interior Design 

- Elemental Design

- Graphic Design

- Staging for Resale and Decluttering



Urban Habitat offers residential Interior Design, Elemental Design and Graphic Design services.

Interior Design: 

We specialize in both new construction or renovation of existing projects. With 20 years of experience in the design business, there is a confidence in working with many different finishes, space planning, electrical layouts and navigating contractors.   Interior Design covers a broad range of things from styling to full renovations to staging homes for resale.   

Elemental Design:

Elemental design brings the personal details to your space. The unlimited creative possibilities in custom art pieces and furniture mean we can make the perfect finishing touches for your space.  

Graphic Design:

With our background in design Urban Habitat can create special marketing items for your business or personal needs. Brochures, business cards, invitations, posters and reports are just a few ideas of things we've worked on successfully.  

Interior Design Service collage.jpg

The first place a project starts is with an in-home consultation. We'll discuss your vision for your space and use that as a springboard to launch ideas, create a game plan, and then MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you don't have a vision, but you know that some things need to be changed, we can help create one for you! Whether it's just getting some direction to freshen up a space or to use our design expertise to help you complete a project from start to finish, we would be happy to help you.

Your living spaces are important because they hold your family story.   Part of our Interior Design philosophy is to make houses into homes, where the space feels not only inviting but uniquely yours.   

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 Navigating the world of finishes from flooring to window coverings to the finishing details can be overwhelming. Let us help you by taking out the guesswork! We can source just the right products from hard surface finishes to furniture.

 With our experience in the flooring industry and a long history in the design business we know just the right places to find exactly what your project needs. The finishing details are what makes your space personal and YOURS.

We are partnered with Metro Wall coverings and many other names in the business and have the ability to source just the right item for your project.   And if we don't know where it is we sure will work hard to find it!!  

elemental services.jpg

Have you been looking for that perfect wall hanging, piece of art, custom furniture, or personal detail for your home but haven't been able to find it yet? We can help with that!  From wall art to furniture, the sky is the limit! Please take a look through the Elemental Design pieces in the Portfolio to get some inspiration from the many projects we've already created! Together, we can make something unique and special for your space.

Do you have someone in your life that is really hard to buy a gift for?  We have surprised many people with custom one of a kind items through our elemental work.  Give us a call if you have a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift coming up.   There is nothing better than seeing the look of shock on people's faces when they realize something was made special just for them.  


Graphic Design is a fairly new venture for Urban Habitat but one that fits perfectly into our scope of work.   After taking an Adobe InDesign course through a local university, Angela felt that alongside her Adobe Photoshop knowledge and background in design,  pursuing work to create digital design pieces would be a smart thing to do!    To date Urban Habitat has successfully worked on brochures, anniversary posters, advertising pieces, advertising postcards, invitations and business cards.    

In 2018 there was an amazing opportunity to write a book about a Canadian family and their farm pioneering history.  The book has had great success and will be put into the Agricultural Archives of Canada in Ottawa. Whatever your Graphic Design needs are, we would love to chat with you about it and see what creations we could come up with together! 

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staging and declutter services.jpg

Staging covers a broad range of design services from decluttering to styling with your existing pieces.  A professional designer has a keen and well trained eye for rearranging space as we view things three dimensionally in our minds.   Decluttering space and styling a home for re-sale is the quickest and most effective way to sell your house, and we can come up with a game plan for you quickly and efficiently.  

More often than not people end up wanting to stay in their newly styled homes!   

organizational services.jpg

Does your family feel chaotic and a bit like living inside a pin ball machine?Everyone seems to be going in different directions and it's a miracle if anyone intersects at any given time?  Papers are flying, appointments are missed and people are just trying to keep their heads above water every day!   There is an amazing lady named Sarah and her company      Organized With Kids  that can help bring a grounding, a structure and a plan to your day-to-day flow in the home.  With her one of a kind S.O.R.T method your family will find peace and balance.    Urban Habitat is a strong supporter of healthy family structures and we partner with the creative Organized With Kids on a regular basis to bring the R in S.O.R.T, with a much need "Refresh" to families.   If any of of this speaks to you give us a shout!  

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