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There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to design in the home.   We often lean towards making everything beautiful and magazine worthy, but this often falls short because the finished product doesn't really feel like home.    The other direction people often go is to pick random things that speak to them and have meaning, but they end up with an eclectic mish mash of a space too!  

Bringing in a designer will tie all of this together and you will end up with a beautiful space that is full of meaningful things for you and your family.    What I like to say is creating a "space that holds you". The spaces that are worthy of a magazine shoot, but also feel like home for everyone who walks in the door.   This is my approach to everything I touch as a designer whether it's interior, elemental or graphic design.  I create things that are functional and beautiful.    

Thanks! You'll hear back from me soon!

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