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The Nig Creek Farm History



When we decided that January 2018 would be the month to tackle the Nig Creek farm history book I immediately booked myself into a cabin for a week on Bowen Island.   I knew that I would need the quiet to organize and sift through boxes of papers and figure out how to communicate over 40 years of history for this northern BC farm.   The story of how Reuben Loewen and his wife Arlene pioneered a farm, in the untamed bush north of Fort St John BC,  with a handful of other ambitious Saskatchewan farmers. Ironically the hot water tank stopped working a day after I arrived and the rain made it almost impossible to start fires and find dry firewood!   The seclusion of Bowen Island and living a bit like a modern day pioneer put me in the right frame of mind I suppose to figure out the structure and layout for the following pages and pages of pictures and text.    

The book has recently caught the eye of Agriculture Canada through Reuben's work with the Peace River Forage Association, and we are happy that it will be included in the Agricultural Archives of Canada in Ottawa.   The story truly is a piece of agricultural history in the Peace Country and I was proud to be trusted to communicate it to the world!  We are working on the soft cover version that will be available to purchase soon.  In the meantime, please find the following below as a digital book! 

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